FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions. This is by no means intended to answer everything,
and I encourage you to email me at donald@colemancustompicks.com with any questions, or requests.

* Can they be used to play with? YES! Each pick is finished as if it will be used to play with. They are Excellent picks with a crisp tone and clarity unequaled by plastic/celluloid picks. Brass is a soft metal that is not harsh on your strings.

* How much are the picks? Custom Picks start at $18. Most picks available in our Online Store are $15.

* Do you discount for larger orders? Yes, I do discount for 3 or more of the same design pick. These are the prices for quantities... 3-5 $15/each, 6-9 $12.50 each, 10-24 $10 each, 25-49 $9 each, 50-99 $8 each, 100+ $7.50 each.

* How do I pay? I can set up a Custom Listing in our Online Store, or send a Paypal invoice to your email. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay the invoice. You can use your debit or credit card to pay.

* Can you do both sides? I can do both sides. The cost is $9 extra. It is a very involved process to do the back and takes quite a bit longer (an additional 1-2 days) than doing a one-sided pick.

* How long will it take? Most picks are finished and shipped within 2 days. For larger orders it can take longer.

* What can you put on the pick? I can do names, logos, signatures, etc. For a logo/picture I need a good black and white drawing. For names, phrases, etc. I can use most common fonts and most fonts that are available at www.dafont.com

* Do you ship to my country? Yes, we ship worldwide.

* How much is shipping? Most orders are sent out in an ENVELOPE by regular USPS First Class Mail. I ship FREE in the US and charge $1.15 for International orders.

* How long does it take for shipping? Although shipping times vary, this is what is have experienced: US 2-6 days, Canada 4-6 days, UK 4-8 days, Europe 6-10 days, Australia 7-11 days. I had two separate orders to Spain take 20 days, that is the longest it has taken for delivery.

* Do you do plastic picks? No, only brass.

* Do you do other metals, such as stainless steel? Not as this time. The process is different and since I have not done any it is hard to find the time to experiment.

Donald Coleman
Coleman Custom Picks
Waynesboro, Georgia USA